The Usambara Mountains. Are home to an unspoiled tropical forest that is rare in East Africa and of great ecological interest. The valuable ecology of the Usambara is seeking increasing protection by conservation organizations and some donor countries like Norway.

The tropical forests are home to endemic bird species including the Naduk eagle owl (Bubo vosseleri), the Usambara Akalat (Sheppardia montana), Amani sunbird, green-headed oriole, southern banded snake eagle and the Usambara weaver (Ploceus nicolli).

In addition to learning about the conservation needs of this mountain range and doing some spectacular birding, there are ample opportunities for hiking with stunning viewpoints over the forested mountains.


Day 1:

After breakfast around 7.30am departure from Tanga City by Private car to West Usambara Mountains (Lushoto) arrive at 10.00am and then proceed for hikking to Magamba Rainforest and Irente view point (Combined Tour, Lunch will be served at Near byIrenteViewPoint.Later on around 5.30pm back to Lushoto Town for Dinner and Overnight.


Day 2:

After breakfast departure from Lushoto Town to Mkuzu waterfalls and the later on proceed hiking to Mtae.Dinner and overnight in Magumba Lodge or Mambo Cliff inn.


Day 3:

After breakfast have a short tour in the mountains and the later on proceed to Tanga City, Dar or Arusha it will depend on your to tour vocation.

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