In the latter half of the 19th century it is reported that there was a lot of war and terror with neighboring tribes which ended with the German colonization. The Germans discovered the charm of the Usmabara’s and they established Lushoto (during those days Wilhelmsthal) and it was a favoured holiday spot for colonial administrators. Today you still find many traces of the German times. Tanganyika became a British mandate territory after World War I. The British administration continued to reserve and exploit forests. After independence in 1961 the Ujamaa politics or so called “African socialism” of president Nyerere brought one of the best organized village communities in Africa which still exists today in the Usmabara’s.

Besides the historical sites the Usambaras have a lot of interesting places and activities. It is a exquisite place for hiking, bird watching, mountain biking or relaxing.


Day 1: Tanga City to Lushoto Town

  • Itinerary steps: 1
  • Meals included: lunch, dinner, breakfast
  • Accommodation included: Kakakuona Lodge or Avocado Lodge

Day 2: Lushoto to Mtae, Magumba Lodge

  • Itinerary steps: 2
  • Meals included: lunch, dinner
  • Accommodation included: Magumba Lodge or Mambo Cliff Inn, Mtae

Day 3: Mtae to Tanga City

  • Itinerary steps: 3
  • Meals included: lunch, dinner, breakfast
  • Accommodation not included

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